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Start of the actual build: constructing frames.

Day 01: points

Transom and transom fore face

Developing the transom half-breadth and transom's fore-face.

Developing the body plan and checking with diagonals

Developing the body plan based on profile and half-breadth views. And then checking everything using diagonals.

Lofting grid and so on...

Laying down the lofting grid and laying down the lines for profile and half-breadth.

Lofting preparations

Preparing to lay down the boat plans as a full-size drawing.

Building a boat again

Building a shed to build a boat in.

On writing GeoServer SLDs (part II)

On writing GeoServer SLDs (part I)

Multies to singleparts in mssql

FOSS4G Finland 2019

Slides for my talk `Geodata management in Omniva` during the FOSS4G Finland 2019 conf held in Helsinki 13.05.2019.

Building a flightradar in Leaflet (part II)

Building a flightradar in Leaflet (part I)

Downloading data from the ES

Punktidest aladeks: kuidas kasvatada kringlit rosinate ümber (in Estonian)


The slides for my talk during the 2018 annual Estonian Geoinformatics Society (ESTGIS) conference talk held in Pärnu 5-6.10.2018. (In Estonian)

ArcSDE objectid values

From points to polygons

Subdividing empty space by expanding polygons

Calculating a polygon mesh in PostGIS

Mic check


The slides for my talk during the 2017 annual Estonian Geoinformatics Society (ESTGIS) conference held in Voore 29-30.09.2017 about the progress with the Ministry of Environment public geoserver services. (In Estonian)

FOSS4G Europe 2017

FOSS4GE 2017 was held in Paris, France during 18-22.07.2017. These are the slides for my talk `Estimating public transit "real-time" locations based on time-table data`.

Day 02: lines

Day 03: polygons

Day 04: hexagons

Day 05: blue

Day 06: red

Day 07: green

Day 08: yellow

Day 09: monochromatic

Day 10: grid

Day 11: 3d

Day 12: no gis software

Day 13: raster

Day 14: climate change

Day 15: connections

Day 16: islands

Day 17: old

Day 18: landuse

Day 19: null

Day 20: population

Day 21: water

Day 22: movement

Day 23: borders

Day 24: elevation

Day 25: covid

Day 26: new tool

Day 27: big or small

Day 28: non geographic map

Day 29: globe

Day 30: a map