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Afterthoughts on a FOSS4G conference

FOSS4G Europe 2024. It's so much more than a dev- or user-conference. Preparing for it has been one hell of a ride, and it's over now with time to reflect on the whole festival.

Timezone handling in esri ...

Just because there's no better way to describe this situation: timezone handling in esri sucks.

sde subtype hell

'Just use the database default value for input missing data' is not a correct way of putting it with ESRI sde

ESRI sde and db schemas

On PostgreSQL DB schemas, usernames, ESRI attribute rules, and this oddity they call Arcade.

sde.st_point generation horrors

Just because you pay for 'fancy' black-box software it does not mean it does what it says in the documentation it does. A holiday-season horror story.

Non-overlapping point buffers in PostGIS

Build non-overlapping buffers for points in PostGIS using a combination of buffers and voronoi polygons in one query.

On writing GeoServer SLDs (part II)

On writing GeoServer SLDs (part I)

Multies to singleparts in mssql

Building a flightradar in Leaflet (part II)

Building a flightradar in Leaflet (part I)

Downloading data from the ES

Punktidest aladeks: kuidas kasvatada kringlit rosinate ümber (in Estonian)

ArcSDE objectid values

From points to polygons

Subdividing empty space by expanding polygons

Calculating a polygon mesh in PostGIS

Mic check